Job Description

Executive Director of Finance and ICT

Location: Flexible, central office based in Shipley, West Yorkshire | Salary: Circa £130k plus benefits | Responsible to: Group Chief Executive


The role is responsible for developing, leading and implementing an effective financial strategy for the Group which includes strategies for treasury and pension management.

The role is also responsible for developing, leading and implementing effective strategies for ICT and Digital Services to deliver service excellence.

The role is responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the Finance and ICT Services teams and its effective performance.



  1. Accountable to the Group Chief Executive and the Board for the effective strategic leadership, direction and operational management of all finance, treasury management and ICT functions within Accent, in line with key corporate and business plan objectives and the Accent vision, mission and values.
  2. Develop and implement financial strategies that are consistent with the vision, values and other strategic objectives. Responsible for business planning, stress testing and developing and implementing compliant accounting policies.
  3. Ensure the effective management of the Group’s financial operations, maintain financial stability and maximise financial use of resources ensuring viability and effective governance.
  4. Responsible for oversight and effective delivery of Accent’s ICT and Digital Service Strategy and operations including contingency planning and disaster recovery.
  5. Ensure effective performance management systems are in operation across Accent to effectively monitor and manage performance and risk.
  6. Work collaboratively with other members of the Executive Team and the Board on all matters of corporate strategy and business planning to ensure a growing, successful and sustainable organisation.
  7. Lead by example empowering, inspiring, supporting and developing colleagues to deliver Accent’s strategic objectives. Be a role model and ambassador for the Accent Group culture demonstrating expected behaviours.

Financial Management

  1. Control and manage the annual cycle for budgeting, financial planning, management accounts, published accounts and related reports.
  2. Build good working relationships with current and potential funders and ensure the most optimal funding is secured.
  3. Build good working relationships with Accent’s regulators, external advisors and other key stakeholders.
  4. Ensure all banking loan covenants are monitored and met.
  5. Ensure that the day to day and long-term cash flow is well managed.
  6. Ensure that pension arrangements are the most effective for the Group from a financial and human resources perspective.
  7. Ensure Value for Money Finance and ICT services are supplied to the Group.

Board Reporting

  1. Work with and support Accent’s Board and committees to enable them to provide effective strategic guidance, assurance and control.
  2. Ensure that the Executive Team and the Board is kept fully informed of progress in delivering corporate priorities including Finance, ICT and Digital Service strategies.
  3. Review periodically and make recommendations to the Executive Team and Board on the framework of delegated authority and reporting systems so that the group operates effectively.

*with travel to other Accent offices nationally

Business Planning and Control

  1. Produce an effective Finance strategy and associated business plans and financial plans for the Group.
  2. Ensure a clear understanding of current and future financial priorities to meet the strategic objectives of the Group.
  3. Ensure there is an effective risk management framework and a clear understanding and communication of financial risks.
  4. Financial targets are set and achieved and support the strategic objectives of the Group.
  5. Robust risk assessment, stress testing and mitigation strategies are developed, implemented and communicated.
  6. There is a clear identification and financial evaluation of opportunities for growth and improvement.
  7. Financial and ICT services are customer focused and represent good value for money
  8. Produce, monitor and review effective strategies for all areas of responsibility.
  9. Ensure all Accent staff and members have an appropriate awareness of these strategies and that they reflect an awareness and understanding of current and future business needs.
  10. Ensure that there is an effective performance management system sufficient to detect any problems that might threaten the implementation of the group strategies.
  11. Ensure there is an effective management information framework which supports the strategic objectives of the Group.

ICT and Digital Services

  1. Oversee the development of the Digital Transformation Strategy to support the corporate strategy and New Service Offer to customers; transforming the customer experience through proactive Channel Shift strategy promotion and modernisation of services.
  2. Ensure the ICT architecture, infrastructure, systems, telephony and resources are fit for purpose and fit for use and take advantage of up to date technology maximising the business efficiencies that will result.
  3. Ensure all staff receive an excellent ICT service and the ICT team respond to service requests, incidents and problems meeting agreed service levels to minimise disruption to users.
  4. Ensure business continuity plans are in place (and regularly reviewed) to ensure that Accent can respond rapidly and efficiently to any potential major failure of business-critical systems, cyber-attack or temporary loss of power and access to offices.
  5. Oversee the data management and reporting functionality responsibilities of the ICT team to ensure the business has an effective, modern and simple performance management framework that translates strategy and subsequent goals and objectives into performance measures and targets.
  6. Advise the Executive Team and Board on the most appropriate ICT solutions to achieve corporate strategy and business objectives.


  1. All work to be undertaken in line with the Group’s policies and procedures.
  2. Undertake any other duties commensurate with this post as reasonably requested by the Group Chief Executive.